Our Crate!

We shipped most of our furniture from England to Perth in a crate which went by container ship. We were told it would take about 10 weeks, so we were delighted to get notice that the ship would dock in Fremantle on 5th December 2002 - it spent just 5 weeks making the journey. However, by the time HMA Customs had been over it, and the quarantine inspectors had had a look, then Xmas was out of the way, it was December 27th by the time we took delivery.

The crate arrived on the back of a truck on a hot and humid day. Two sweaty blokes unloaded it and unwrapped everything. They even put our bed and desks together for us.

When it was all sorted out, it was pure bliss! After nearly 5 weeks of sitting on picnic chairs, and sleeping on a camp bed, we felt human again!
Derek Fountain - 17/06/03