Derek and Tina's Xmas 2002

Derek made this makeshift Xmas tree, kind of cute in a cardboard plain sort of way.  NB  Presents are for Tina!

Not to be excluded, the animals had to see what the rumpas was about downstairs.

The Xmas tree after all the presents have been opened.  Managed to throw more 'tinsel' on the tree after gifts were opened.  The animal on the floor is the new addition to the menagerie, a platypus called Splatty.

Tina cuddling the animals, with the Koala waving a paw to the camera.

Gruff has become overexcited with all the goings on and has pushed  Tina over with his paws and slobbered all over her face.

Derek and Moose waving to the camera.